ECP terms and conditions


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General ECP T&C

TP Vision Europe B.V. -  a company that concentrates on developing, manufacturing and marketing Philips branded TV sets under license in Europe, issues terms and conditions of Extended Care Program (ECP):

-       ECP gives additional 36 months operational warranty on top of 24 months warranty for Philips TVs.

-       ECP program starts 24 months after date of purchase and ends 60 months after date of purchase.

-       ECP is valid only for consumers not for organizations (like companies, institutions, government etc,).

-       TP Visions insures that will repair, replace with comparable product or refund fair value of purchased product that is registered under ECP in case it fails during normal usage. If product is replaced or fair value is paid product becomes property of TP Vision.

-       Damages that voids normal warranty also voids ECP.

Specifically: damages from outside like power surge and spike or of physical nature (cracks, scratches and similar) are not covered in ECP. Also damages that would accrue due to using 3rd part software and hardware void warranty.

-       Product must be registered, with correct data in ECP database ( During registration certificate is issued. To raise a claim in ECP, certificate with accurate data and matching proof of purchase is need. Serial number on product must be visible and legible.

-       ECP can be executed only in country that proof of purchase was issued.

-       To execute ECP consumer has to raise a call to call Philips center. Phone numbers are listed on warranty card or available on internet ( Consumer will be informed how to initiate service. Service done outside authorized network cannot be reimbursed in ECP.


Consumer data collection and usage:

-       While registering for ECP some general and personal data are required

-       TP Vision guarantees that this data will be used only in scope of ECP program and they will not be used by, or distributed to, any 3rd party organization

-       By entering ECP consumer agrees to receive ECP evaluation survey or other promotional activities in relation with Philips TV.